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About the project

Kaszubski spichlerz pamięci

The Kashubian Granary of Memory is an archive collecting recordings of biographical reports of the oldest generation of inhabitants of Kashubia. We store the recorded memories at the Museum of Kashubian-Pomeranian Literature and Music in Wejherowo, and their selected fragments are published on the project website.

Biographical reports

The Kashubian Granary of Memory is a collection of biographical reports of people who have witnessed various events in the history of Kashubia. We record stories told us by the interviewees, from their earliest memories to their lives at present. We wish to include a broad range of topics and aspects of life in Kashubia. The collected material is not only a source of knowledge, but will also enable multifaceted analysis performed by sociologists, historians and linguists.

We intend to collect recordings coming from various parts of Kashubia, both from small villages and towns or cities. Every story is interesting for us. First of all, we plan to record stories in the Kashubian language. It is the biographical reports in Kashubian that are missing in the documentation of the lives of the inhabitants of our region in the 20th century.

We believe that the Kashubian Granary of Memory will become a rich repository of reports presenting personal experiences of the inhabitants of Kashubia in the 20th and 21st centuries.


Share your story with us!

The project of the Kashubian Granary of Memory was initiated thanks to the funds obtained from the Polish History Museum under the programme “Patriotism of Tomorrow”. The further development of the project depends primarily on your commitment and willingness to share your stories with us.